Monroe mulling whether to allow guns at City Council meetings

Monroe mulling whether to allow guns at City Council meetings (WKRC)

MONROE, Ohio (WKRC) - The Monroe City Council would be the first in its area to allow its members to carry concealed weapons during meetings if a proposed ordinance passes.

Tuesday was the first reading of the ordinance to let council members carry a gun during a meeting.

There were several questions brought up, but it ultimately passed 5-2.

Vice-Mayor Dan Clark was one of the "for" votes. Clark told the other council members it’s a situation you hope never happens.

“You may not feel the need today but if the need arises, and it’s the same reason you have your concealed carry. I don’t have mine yet but I’m getting mine Saturday,” Clark said.

Mayor Robert Routson said he’s been getting a lot of questions since the idea was floated.

“I’ve had a lot of people ask me, do you feel on comfortable up there? I don’t but maybe some do,” Routson said.

Council member Todd Hickman is behind the proposal.

“If people know that we have six people up here that have a CCW then that is probably one of your biggest deterrents there are,” Hickman said.

Councilman Jason Frentzel has his CCW but does not think members need to be able to carry during meetings.

Frentzel is also worried about the image it would create for the city.

“Especially the businesses that would want to come in to Monroe. They would be able to see this and question why that is needed,” Frentzel said.

All the council members wanted to hear from the public but there was no one at the meeting to speak.

There were also questions about any potential increased insurance costs because of the policy that need to be answered.

If you want to weigh in, you'll have your chance in two weeks. That's the next council meeting and when the proposal could be ratified.

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