More women than men admitted to UC College of Medicine

More women than men admitted to UC College of Medicine for second year (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - There was a time when there weren't a lot of female doctors but the enrollment numbers at the UC College of Medicine shows a new trend.

This is the second year that UC's Med School has admitted more women than men. At the same time, intelligent women with a passion for the profession are heading into the work force. "Today is Match Day. It's the culmination of these four years of medical school," said Farah Dadabhoy. "You only go through it once and we're going through it right now and it's pretty exciting. We're all a little nervous."

"It means employment," said Ellen Farr. "It means finally means being able to plan beyond a couple of months."

"The last two years our intern class has been more than 51% female which is new for us. I think that's a huge reflection on how the field has evolved and how they are becoming much more receptive to women," said Farah.

"Anybody that's interested in whatever field, can find a female mentor in that field and achieve what they want to achieve," according to Ellen.

"We really strive to have a class that is diverse and is representative of our community. We look at gender, racial/ethnic, variety, religious, sexual orientation, we look at multiple things," said Aurora Bennett, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions.

What they're doing here is working, especially for women. In the class of 2020, there are 86 females and 84 male students. "To be part of an environment that encourages young woman to think about opportunities that weren't provided for them maybe 20 years ago."

It's a trend first years and graduating students can get behind. "Women bring a whole different set of principles and a whole different set of qualities to the table and I think they just enrich the world of medicine much more."

"Women can do all the things, if not more, I think. They bring more to the table sometimes. I encourage any woman who's interested to pursue their dreams and do it. It's an exciting time".

UC's College of Medicine is growing in other ways too. Fifteen percent of students in the first year class are from various minority groups, the highest percentage ever for the college.

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