Music Hall reopens after extensive renovations

Music Hall reopens after 14 months of renovations (WKRC)

OVER-THE-RHINE, Ohio (WKRC) - Music Hall reopened on October 6 after an extensive renovation to restore it to its original glory.

The lights are back on at Music Hall for the first time after more than a year of renovations and now the historic gem is ready to reopen.

The inside of the Music Hall is transformed. The stage is wider and brings performances closer to the audience. The old chandelier was taken down to upgrade and it now sparkles. Each crystal was hand cleaned and led lights were added.

Chris Pinelo, a VP with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, says the mural above the chandelier will be more visible.

“The painting above the chandler was restored. It’s 70 percent brighter than it was prior the renovation," said Pinelo.

A special group of supporters were invited for a first look. The Earl’s have had season tickets for almost 40 years, Mills got to check out his new wider and more comfortable seat.

“Oh yeah, much better. We helped decide which ones. When they had them on display we voted for these seats," said Mills.

The 16-month renovation touched every area of the 139 year old iconic structure. 31,000 square feet of space was added.

Not by expanding the footprint but by taking advantage of unused space. An outside parking lot is now the Taft Suite. The gathering space showcases panels from the original 1878 wood organ. Pinelo says “of course it’s a renovation this is a vibrant modern community gathering place but there is so much history here. Steeped in history and part of this project was a restoration.”

The restoration and preservation cost $143 million, $80 million came from private donors, the rest was paid for by many of us.

“The city and taxpayers are the largest single donor to the renovations of music hall. I think that’s important that this be a building for the public," said Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley.

This is the first complete update of the building in more than 40 years. It had been on a list of one of America’s most endangered historic places.

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