New allegations about cancer patient's robbery, murder revealed

New allegations about cancer's patients robbery, murder revealed (WKRC)

COVINGTON, Ky. (WKRC) - New allegations about the murder of a lung cancer patient were revealed in a Kenton County courtroom Tuesday as the judge overseeing the case lashed out at Kentucky's legislature for policies he said contributed to the murder of Marie Satchwell.

Kenneth "Maury" Jones, 38, appeared in court for a preliminary hearing to determine whether there was probable cause to send the case to the grand jury.

"I established that Mr. Jones was our main suspect," Covington Police Detective Jess Hamblin testified.

Detective Hamblin said Jones had worked as a peer counselor at the Grateful Life Center in Northern Kentucky but he relapsed three months ago and started spiraling out of control.

Detective Hamblin was the only witness called during the hearing. He testified Jones stayed with his cousin, Marcie Satchwell, on June 5 in an effort to avoid being arrested for charges he faced in Campbell County. Hamblin said he accompanied his cousin to chemotherapy treatments and was familiar with where she stored her narcotic pain medication she used for pain.

Three days later, on June 8, Detective Hamblin said Jones, his teenage daughter and a teenage boy hatched a plan to rob Satchwell for her pain medication - specifically percocet and fentanyl patches.

"The victim was selected and the juvenile, MJ, had actually approved the selection of the victim stating It's ok with her as long as she doesn't get hurt," Detective Hamblin said.

Hamblin said Satchwell received a new delivery of 120 pain pills on June 8. The next night, on June 9, Hamblin said Jones and the teenage boy went to Satchwell's house to rob her and that the boy was supposed to knock out Satchwell when she answered her door.

"DW stated that once he saw DW in the doorway, he was unable to do that, that she was so small and frail that he felt bad about it so he walked away," Detective Hamblin recalled.

Hamblin said Jones suffocated Satchwell and wrapped a cord from her oxygen tank around her neck to make it look like she had choked herself. Hamblin said Jones and the teenage boy took Satchwell's car. The juveniles were identified only by their initials.

"DW had stated he was familiar with stealing cars in the past and how to clean them to remove DNA and fingerprints," Hamblin said.

Much of the new information about the case was revealed as Jones's attorney questioned Hamblin. Hamblin said Jones and the teen boy took Satchwell's body, left her in the trunk of her car overnight and dumped her near Rabbit Hash. Then, Satchwell's car broke down as they left. Hamblin said surveillance video from a couple of stores.

Marcie Satchwell's family cried as many of the details were revealed. They declined to comment after the hearing.

As Judge Kenneth Easterling announced the case would be bound over to the grand jury, he took the opportunity to blast he Kentucky state legislature for policies it has enacted to address the heroin epidemic. .

"Part of the blame that lays on this murder lays with the legislature," Judge Easterling said. "Our legislature has done everything within their possibility to defer prosecution on heroin, to direct us judges to let everybody out who is on heroin."

Online jail records show Florence Police arrested Jones on June 6 and transferred to the custody of the Campbell County Jail on June 7. The next day, Hamblin said the robbery of Satchwell was planned in Jones's Florence apartment. A supervisor at the Campbell County Jail declined to comment Tuesday evening on when and why Hamblin was released.

Jones is being held in the Kenton County Jail on a $1 million dollar bond. His daughter is charged with complicity to murder and complicity to robbery. The teenage boy is charged with murder, robbery and tampering with evidence. The juveniles are being held in a juvenile detention center in Campbell County. Breadon Reaves, 18, is charged with facilitation to murder. He is accused of giving Jones and the teenage boy a ride after Satchwell's car broke down. He remains in the Kenton County Jail.

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