New KY sales tax to increase cost of 17 services beginning July 1st

New KY sales tax to increase cost of 17 services beginning July 1st

COVINGTON, Ky (WKRC)- Rick Kruse, a CPA with Kruse & Crawford CPAs thinks a lot of people will be surprised when the new Kentucky tax law goes into effect July 1st and they have to pay a little more for certain services.

"If they get landscaping done, they will now pay sales tax. When they go to the vet, unless they have a cow for a pet (large animal veterinarians like ones who work with farm animals are not going to be taxed), they will pay sales tax on all the services they get from the vet," Kruse said.

Courtney Deal says the Park Hills Animal Hospital has been working the past couple months to make sure its clients are aware of the increased price they'll be paying.

"Now, everything is going to be taxable items, exams, gauze, fluids, everything," Deal said.

The new law puts a 6% sales tax on 17 service items, including veterinarians who work on small animals.

Here is a list of services included:

  • Bowling centers
  • Extended warranty services
  • Fitness and recreational sports centers
  • Golf courses and country clubs
  • Industrial laundry services
  • Janitorial services
  • Labor and services for certain repair, installation and maintenance of personal property
  • Landscaping services
  • Limousine services, if a driver is provided
  • Linen supply services
  • Non-coin-operated laundry & dry cleaning services
  • Non-medical diet and weight-loss services
  • Overnight trailer campgrounds
  • Pet care services
  • Pollution-control facilities
  • Small animal veterinary services
  • Indoor skin tanning services

Deal says the animal hospital put up signs to let people know about the change and she just sent out another email to everyone as a reminder and a way to save some money.

"And if they have any heartworm prevention or flea prevention that they need to refill, that now would maybe be a good time to do it," Deal said.

But that does not include labor associated with the repair of things like HVAC units, water heaters or plumbing fixtures.

Deal says most folks she's talked with didn't know they haven't been getting taxed.

"We have a great clientele and they've been here for a really long time and as we've been telling people we're not really getting any pushback. They're like, 'That makes sense. I can't believe you've never had tax before,'" Deal said.

Deal says she doesn't think the six percent increase will keep anyone from coming in to get the care their pets need.

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