Northside residents want something done after an SUV crashes into a house

SUV crashes into Northside home (WKRC)

NORTHSIDE, Ohio (WKRC)- A group of neighbors in Northside are fed up with the speeding on their street.

A car crashed into one of their homes Thursday morning. It's not the first time that's happened.

Marie Davis said the traffic on Chase Avenue is chaotic.

"They speed up and down Chase Avenue, like they're on the expressway. That's what they do. They speed up and down it all the time," Davis said.

Davis was taking her granddaughter to school Thursday morning. They walked out the front door and Davis said she noticed a woman driving an SUV come to a stop at the intersection of Florida and Chase Avenue and then pull out.

"When [the driver of the SUV] went across [Chase Ave.] another car was coming up Chase and she ran right into her with a hard smack. When she hit her, the car spun out and went right into my house because I was going to run back up the steps because I thought she was coming through the front porch," Davis said.

The foundation of Davis’ home has a crack in it and the fence is destroyed.

No one in the vehicles was hurt but two people walking nearby were hit with a trash can or something else. They are both okay.

Davis said this is the fourth time a car has crashed into her home.

Davis along with the rest of the neighbors want something done to slow folks down.

"It needs to be a four-way stop or a light because they speed up and down the street constantly and it's becoming ridiculous and they're coming right off the expressway or off Colerain Avenue and it's like no thought at all [about people who live in the area]. You can't have your kids in the area to play or anything," Davis said.

Davis and some of the neighbors will be taking their concerns to the next Northside Community Council meeting to try and get something to slow drivers down.

Until then, everyone in the area will continue to be cautious any time they're in their yard.

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