Ohio Secretary of State debunks story about fake Clinton votes

Jon Husted debunks story about fake Clinton votes (WKRC file)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKRC) - Ohio's Secretary of State is responding to an article from the Christian Times Newspaper that claims “tens of thousands of fraudulent Clinton votes” were found in Franklin County.

The article says a Columbus-area electrical worker stumbled across about a dozen black sealed boxes filled with thousands of votes for Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates. Secretary of State Jon Husted says the post is false and misleading.

As he and others have noted, the picture showing the "ballots" are from a 2015 story about an election in England. He's upset that no one from the publication called his office or the Franklin County Board of Elections to ask about the photo. It was a deliberate attempt to deceive and mislead, he said. "We already get enough of that from the candidates. Enough already."

“A Christian myself, I take offense to reading such unbelievable lies from a publication alleging Christian ties", said Husted in a news release.

The FranklinCounty Board of Elections also says the article is false.

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