Son driving in crash that killed his father in Westwood

Son was driving on Boudinot when he crashed into parked cars and an apartment balcony, killing his father. (Megan Moore)

WESTWOOD, Ohio (WKRC) - A man was killed in a crash in Westwood Monday morning. Police have identified him as Kevin Hughes, 47.

Cincinnati Police say Kevin Hughes and his son Zachary, 26, were in a pickup truck when Zachary tried to make it through the light at Boudinot and Werk. But it had turned red. Police say it looks he slammed on his brakes, went left of center and hit two parked cars. That launched the pickup truck. It ended up resting against an apartment building balcony.

"It looks like he jammed on his brakes, went left of center and hit two parked cars in the parking lot. and that vaulted him into the balcony of the apartrment there," said CPD Captain Paul Broxterman. "There were two people in the truck. the driver was alert and walking around the vehicle. the passenger had to be cut out. the passenger has died."

Kevin was thrown from the truck. Zachary suffered a broken arm and dislocated shoulder. Both were taken to the hospital, where the father died. His son is in fair condition. Police say Zachary was speeding. Neither man was wearing a seat belt.

"I've been here over 32 years. At midnight, these lights go red. They don't stop. I sit on my patio there. you can tell the ones that are gonna stop and the ones who aren't. Accidents happen here all the time," said Gayle Kell, the apartment resident manager.

Police closed Boudinot at Queen City Avenue while they investigated. It has since reopened.

No one was hurt in the apartment building.

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