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Operation Street Smart: Forum teaches warning signs and how to find concealed drugs

Operation Street Smart
Operation Street Smart
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FAIRFIELD, Ohio (WKRC) - Police have been fighting the war on drugs, raiding places where illegal drugs are kept, and locking up suspected traffickers and dealers.

While they are doing their part, a group called "Fairfield Prevention Coalition" is doing its part to educate parents and anyone who has contact with children.

Jennifer Lacombe is the mother of two. She said, "I think a lot of us think that our kids are never going to be involved in drugs. So I think it's important that we stay on top of really what's going on."

Deputies with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office hosted a free program at the Fairfield High School Freshman Auditorium. They talked about how to spot if someone is on drugs and brought plenty of examples of items confiscated from criminals.

The items are all different examples of how someone can hide drugs. They included what looks like a bottle of bleach that had a false bottom. There were also containers of gum that had false bottoms for hiding drugs. In addition, the deputies brought in hollowed out books where kids could hide alcohol or drugs.

Sgt. Dan Johnson said, "A lot of these items are what they call ‘diversion safes’ and I think a lot of people are shocked to know that these items are out there in the community. You'll find these items and what we call head shops, gas stations, corner markets."

The deputies say despite sometimes grim overdose statistics, the good news is that most of our youth are not using drugs. The organizers are hoping more people will sit down and talk with their kids so they don't have to worry about them going down the wrong path.

"When I thought of somebody who was addicted to heroin, I thought of somebody under a bridge somewhere, but that's really not how it is anymore and we all really need to take a look at that and change our perceptions and really open our eyes to what might really be going on right under our nose in our own homes."

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There is another event coming up sponsored by the Fairfield Prevention Coalition. It is scheduled for October 24th at the Mercy HealthPlex on Mack Road in Fairfield. It is free and open to the public and starts at 7 p.m.

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