Organization started by Bengals' Kevin Huber and wife helps pet rescues

Pump for Pets event on Oct. 14 will raise money for rescues (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - On a typical off day, Bengals punter Kevin Huber and his wife Mindi enjoy spending quality time at home with their dogs, Zoey and Piper.

Kevin and Mindi realize how fortunate they are to be able to offer a good home to their dogs, but they also know there are far too many animals in the area without that luxury, and many local shelters that don't have the means to serve them.

Kevin says it was something that became difficult to ignore. "There are so many dogs out there who are left on the side of the road, or forgotten about that need to be taken care of."

So, the Hubers started the Foundation for Underserved Rescues, or "FUR".

Mindi says her it was her own experience when she rescued Piper that sparked the idea. "When I first got her, I could tell. She would look at me with these little eyes, as if she was saying 'thank you'."

They'll hold their first fundraiser this Saturday, October 14. It's an event called "Pumps For Pups", at 50 West Brewery in Colombia Township. All the money they bring in will go straight to the cause that's so near and dear to their hearts.

"We want to make events. We want to create a buzz." says Mindi. "And we want to raise money through the community and through community outreach, and give those funds, that support, and those resources directly to these rescues."

Kevin and Mindi know they can't take in every stray or neglected pup they come across, but, they say as long as they're doing something to help, they know they're making a big difference.

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