Overdoses Down: Middletown makes progress in fight against heroin

    Middletown makes progress in fight against heroin (WKRC)

    MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WKRC) - There is promising news to report concerning the heroin epidemic. The number of overdose cases is down in one community.

    Middletown is still buzzing by the encouraging new figures released in the fight against heroin.

    Back in April, there were 151 overdoses and 12 deaths.

    The first half of September, there were only 15 and just one death reported last week. The progress is a team effort.

    Middletown got a lot of national attention for what appeared to be an uphill battle against the heroin epidemic. People were overdosing and dying.

    But in recent months, big progress has been made. Police have made more drug arrests and the city's heroin response team, which reaches out to overdose victims, has paid big dividends.

    Care coordinators have been following up with those people in hopes of getting them into recovery.

    Middletown Fire Captain David von Bargen says the team has steered nearly 200 people in that direction.

    In many cases, it takes time for the addict to say yes.

    The progress in the fight against heroin can be felt on the streets of Middletown. Recovery advocates say you can feel a sense of relief.

    While there are positive signs and success stories, the people of Middletown know there is more work to be done.

    Just when things looked so bleak, there is reason for optimism, but again, they are no way near declaring victory.

    As you heard, not all heroin users get help right away, it often takes time. If you know of someone who needs help, the Butler County Heroin Hope line is 844-427-4747.

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