Pain syndrome now being diagnosed in teens

Pain syndrome now being diagnosed in teens (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The pain syndrome of “fibromyalgia” is now being diagnosed in children and teens.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center says it wasn't until recently that it was even recognized as something that could happen in the body of young teens.

They are now working to treat the syndrome with exercises and mind-body therapy.

If your child complains of being in pain, here's what you need to know about juvenile fibromyalgia.

“Juvenile fibromyalgia is a condition where teens experience a lot of pain in their muscles and their joints all over the body, they have trouble sleeping and they are tired much of the time and it's really hard for them to participate in their daily activities because of the pain,” said Dr. Susmita Kashikar-Zuck, a Clinical Psychologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

“The places for me that it's especially difficult is like my knees and my lower back and then my hands get really sore, but it’s kind of like everywhere, when people have the flu they say they have that head to toe type of tired feeling, and that's kind of like every day,” said Hannah Moore, a 16-year-old with the condition.

Now the good news is that with a targeted treatment program, doctors have started seeing progress in teens with the condition.

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