Pair accused of dumping overdose victims behind Middletown restaurant

    Bryan Roberts and Valoree Harrison are accused of dumping Destiny Williams and Robert Childers in Middletown after they overdosed (WKRC)

    MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WKRC) - Middletown Police have arrested two people in connection to the dumping of a woman and an unconscious man.

    Destiny Williams and Robert Childers were found behind a former restaurant on the corner of S. Main Street and Lafayette Ave. on Aug. 4.

    "For someone to dump her out like she's trash is unbelievable. She's a mom, a sister, an aunt and a daughter, and it's just unbelievable for someone to dump her like she's trash,” Kevin Bush, Destiny Williams' father said.

    Valoree Harrison and Bryan Roberts are charged with abuse of a corpse and obstructing official business.

    "We're starting to get justice, but like I said, I believe there's more involved than just the two that are in jail right now," Rachel Bush, Williams' stepmother said.

    Police said Williams and Childers had been living in the basement of the Buena Avenue home of Harrison and Roberts'. Police said the pair found Williams and Childers laying in bed and thought they were both dead, so they dressed them and dumped them to make it appear that they died somewhere else.

    Police say they used Childers' card to withdraw up to $600 to stay at a motel until things cooled down.

    Police say officers had already been called to the pair's home for a previous overdose. Officers had warned Harrison and Roberts that they would be in trouble if it happened again. The pair was also trying to get custody of a child.

    Williams' family believes more people are involved, but no matter what happens, they will never get Destiny back.

    "It's not going to ever get better. I mean, my daughter's not here no more, but at least she is getting a little bit of justice that she deserves," Kevin said.

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