Paramount Building renovation key project in Walnut Hills renovation

Paramount Building renovation key project in Walnut Hills renovation (WKRC)

WALNUT HILLS, Ohio (WKRC) - Walnut Hills is in the midst of a multi-million dollar redevelopment. The old Kroger building was just purchased. It’s slated to be transformed into a residential and retail space.

But the key to entire project is just down the street at a corner that was iconic in Cincinnati: The Paramount Building.

At first look, it’s a mess. Concrete, wood and debris cover the floor of the Paramount Building., but Marvin Abrinica has a vision.

"This whole area is going to be the tap room. And then right where I’m standing right down here will be the bar area," said Abrinica.

Marvin and his partner Brian Jackson are planning to transform the 10,000 foot space. In late 2018 it’ll be home to Esoteric Brewing. The tap room and brew house will have a 1920’s speakeasy feel where beer is considered a refined drink.

“What we want is to be part of the renaissance of Walnut hills. We are both minority brewers and we want to uplift the community and for us it took on a whole new life," said Abrinica.

The space above the new brewery is also under construction. Art deco smoked black glass panels line the hallway that soon be home to 15 new apartments. The iconic 1931 structure is more than a building. The $20 million redevelopment represents a neighborhood revitalization.

Kevin Wright with the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation says it’ll be an neighborhood where again people come to live, work and play.

“Walnut Hills was known as the 2nd downtown it was a high end men’s store and a theater. It really represented what the neighborhood was then. As neighborhood as seen some hard times the neighborhood has seen some hard times and become vacant," said Wright.

Now the neighborhood is on its way back. Just Q’in is a BBQ joint that opened 17 months ago. There’s a number of new restaurants and bars, a coffee shop and new apartments that now line East McMillian street.

“All of those projects have lead us up to this moment. Of this big investment right on Peeble’s Corner," said Wright.

For 50 years it’s been empty, but now the Paramount Building is coming back, and so is Walnut Hills.

The Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation bought the old Kroger space. The plan is for a $50 million development with apartments on the 2nd floor and retail at street level.

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