Parole board denies release for man who murdered Ft. Wright woman

Parole board denied release for Carlos Faulkner who murdered Lesley Briede in Ft. Wright 25 years ago (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A convicted killer loses his bid for freedom. A parole board ruled on December 4 that Carlos Faulkner must serve out the rest of his prison term, which means he'll spend the rest of his life there.

Faulkner murdered Lesley Briede insider her Ft. Wright home 25 years ago. He beat her with a barbell plate and stabbed her 39 times.

The Briede bill was passed after the murder and created a new life without parole sentence for killers in Kentucky. It passed too late for Faulkner, who was up for parole last month.

Faulkner told members of the parole board at that hearing that he's a changed man, and if released, he would move to Campbell County, get his CDL and start a music career. The board did not buy his story.

As part of the board's decision Monday, Faulkner can not bring his case before the parole board ever again.

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