People in Lawrenceburg plan to dump "fly ash" at AEP plant

People in Lawrenceburg plan to dump "fly ash" at AEP plant (WKRC)

LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. (WKRC) - Toxic material from power plants along the Ohio River could be shipped and dumped in Lawrenceburg.

On Monday night, the City of Lawrenceburg announced it was fighting a proposal to allow "fly ash" from power plants in Aberdeen and Manchester Ohio to be dumped in the landfills at the old AEP site along the river.

There are currently two landfills in Lawrenceburg that have fly ash in them, that’s not a secret.

Monday night residents packed city council chambers to make sure Mayor Kelly Mollaun and council knew where they stood.

“Everybody here in the room is concerned about fly ash coming in from other power plants, we already have our own to deal with,” said Chara Schwertzer.

Mollaun said he met with Indiana Department of Environmental Services (IDEM) officials last Thursday in Indianapolis to address concerns about outside toxic materials coming into the community from out of state, an idea Mollaun said he wasn’t aware of until a week before the last minute meeting in Indianapolis.

Mollaun told the crowd the meeting well and believed it delayed an IDEM decision he believes could have been made on March 2nd. At the moment IDEM is the only agency that will make a ruling on whether or not the material would come in from outside sites and be dumped in Lawrenceburg.

"If we are on the wrong side of this we will fight this decision, do what we need to do and take it to the next level and continue to fight it until there's nowhere else for us to go,” said Mollaun.

However, some in the crowd Monday night weren’t happy with that approach.

“My take is you need to fight the battle before a decision is made and not wait for the decision,” said one woman to cheers from the room.

Mollaun says he and the city recently found out about the modification permit from a property owner near the site. However, the modification permit was filled on May 24th, 2017 and listed the changes of where materials would be coming from and how much of it. The permit lists that up to 1,500 tons of material could be dumped on a daily basis for five years. And that the property owner, would collect a $10 fee for every ton collected.

Mollaun response to the filling being 10 months old, “If it was sent to me I don't recall. I see the same timeline you're referring too, and I don't recall seeing anything about,” said Mollaun.

Mollaun did pledge to the room he and council will do everything they can to do the right thing and will fight the decision if IDEM votes to approve the dumping of waste at the site.

Once a decision is made, an appeal must be filed within 15 days of the decision.

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