Pets displaced from shelters after Hurricane Irma adopted thanks to SPCA

Pets displaced from shelters after Hurricane Irma adopted thanks to SPCA (WKRC)

SHARONVILLE, Ohio (WKRC) – Hundreds of the smallest victims of Hurricane Irma were flown to Ohio.

On Tuesday, many of them got new homes in the Tri-State.

For many people, there's an instant connection with a pet. Jackie Fait brought her children to see if they connected with any of the dogs.

“When we first came up to him, he was really responsive to the kids and he was sniffing us and he was wagging his tail like he was really happy,” said Fait of the dog which now belongs to her and her family.

Families lined up early Wednesday evening at the SPCA. The pets were evacuated from two shelters in Fort Lauderdale.

Mike Retzlaff is Chief Operating Officer at SPCA Cincinnati.

“They boarded a plane, flew to Columbus. We drove up with about 500 other agencies from around Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, pulled those dogs and cats and brought them to our facilities," said Mike.

Tom Mowry and his wife recently lost a pet. Tom had his heart set on a pug. He found the perfect one at the SPCA.

As he pet the newest member of his family, Mowry said, “Great dogs. I mean wonderful family dogs. They just love you to death.”

Families got to adopt through a lottery system and then they found out whether they won the pet of their choice.

Calvin Klein brought his children who wanted to add a cat to the family. The Kleins got the cat they wanted the most. "They were all jumping up and down. My son behind us, he was jumping up and down. It was exciting. They were nervous. I could tell.”

The dogs and cats have stayed long enough in confined spaces, but because SPCA workers and local families care, they now have forever homes.

A few of the animals brought from Florida were not yet healthy enough to be adopted out, but the SPCA says in a few weeks, they will be. Workers are hoping more families will give those pets homes as well.

The SPCA says more pets may come from Florida in the next few weeks.

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