Pickle shop under construction in Walnut Hills

Pickle shop under construction in Walnut Hills (WKRC)

WALNUT HILLS, Ohio (WKRC) - On the corner of E. McMillan Street and Boon Street, there's a new "mom and pop shop" that is under construction.

The brains behind the business is Gary Leybman. He’s a trained chef who’s worked in Cincinnati for years. "It will be good to bring some fresh food here."

The idea behind the store is to offset what they call a food desert in Walnut Hills. "We will have a refrigerator where we can stock some eggs bread milk cheese. Staple items. Give them some staple items to eat," said Leybman.

He’s known for his pickled items including the flagship product that took over a decade to get just right. The product is Napa Kimchee.

"Evokes a memory," said Leybman.

That’s the idea. Leybman wants his future customers to experience eating at his new store. "A lot of the time when people eat our pickles they say oh it’s like my grandma. My mom uses to make this or something like that so it feels really good," said Leybman.

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