Police try to figure out cause of collision that killed 5 while loved ones mourn

Police are still trying to figure out a cause to the head-on crash that killed 5 while their loved ones mourn their loss. (WKRC)

COLD SPRING, Ky. (WKRC) - The brother of the woman who died in fatal crash Tuesday in Cold Spring calls what happened a tragic accident. Dave Warren says he can’t blame the other driver.

“I can't be angry, because they wouldn't have wanted it that way either," Warren said.

Warren’s sister, 74-year-old Sharon Groves, died in the crash. A family of four that included a couple in their 20s and two babies were also killed. Cold Spring Police haven't been able to figure out why the head-on crash happened.

The only survivor, Sharon's husband Russel Groves, remains in critical but stable condition. Family said the 83-year-old has opened his eyes. He broke both legs, an arm and ribs. He also has internal bleeding and his spleen was removed. Russell has not yet been told that Sharon is dead.

Warren said the couple always enjoyed listening to his band play. He’s now trying to cope with his sister's sudden death.

"Sharon was weak from all the long chemo; we like to believe she didn't feel any pain," Warren said.

Sharon and Russel were heading home Tuesday afternoon from her next-to-last round of treatment for lung cancer. They were on U.S. 27 when a silver Toyota Corolla drove into their lane, hitting them head-on.

“She had skin cancer before, then breast cancer. She fought those off and came back. She had the middle lobe of her right lung taken out. She was going through chemo for that. About done with that when fate intervened," Warren said.

The crash also killed a family of four. Brandon Lawson had just proposed to his girlfriend, Taylor Koch.

He worked as an assistant manager at the KFC in Alexandria. It was closed Wednesday. Thursday, there was a sign up reading: Our prayers are with the Lawson family.

"I can't say it enough. He was a great person. He had that glow about him; as soon as you looked at him, he made your day," Jordan, Brandon's friend and co-worker, said.

Jordan said Brandon was excited to get off work early Tuesday. He was planning to hang out with Taylor and their two kids, Brendan and Isabella, when, for some reason, he lost control and veered across the center line.

"There was nothing wrong that day. He was having a good day, and he was in a good mood. Him and his girlfriend were good; the babies were healthy. They were just planning on going to the park," Jordan said.

Even Cold Spring Police don't know why Brandon lost control. Right now, they are looking through cell phone records, the car's mechanics and doing a toxicology test. He was driving the speed limit, which is 55 miles-an-hour. The police department is working with an accident reconstruction team to try and learn more about this deadly crash.

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