Man attempts to rob West Price Hill Dollar Tree with syringe

Suspected wanted for robbing the Dollar Tree on Glenway Avenue (WKRC)

PRICE HILL, Ohio (WKRC) - When Zachary Smith walked into the Dollar Tree store on Glenway Avenue, police said he had no intention of buying anything.

Officers say he was there to steal.

Worker Beverly Gay said, “Our little customers come up, tell us that someone who was banned from the store came in. We went to go see. He had a Walgreen’s bag full of our socks.”

As Smith was on his way out of the store, a manager stopped him and asked for a receipt. Surveillance video shows Smith digging through his pockets.

“When our manager went to confront him, he went to go pull something out of his pocket and he pulled out a needle, uncapped it and threatened my boss,“ said Gay. “I actually got terrified because my boss has been threatened with a needle before.”

Smith is known in the store and workers say they have had to put him out before. He was banned for stealing.

Officers arrested Smith roughly two hours later on Winfield Avenue, not far from the store.

Officers say Smith had seven open warrants for several charges including theft, trespass and drug abuse. All of those warrants are for misdemeanors.

Police say Smith told them that he needed the socks to sell and pay a debt to a drug dealer. He still had the syringe on him when they found him.

People who work at Dollar Tree are grateful that Smith did not harm anyone with the needle.

Gay said, “A lot of them are my friends and they feel like family to me. So I really hope they stay safe."

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