Prosecutor details police shooting of man who he says stabbed woman to death in Fairfield

Prosecutor details police shooting of man who he says stabbed woman to death in Fairfield (WKRC)

FAIRFIELD, Ohio (WKRC) – There are new details out on Wednesday night about the brutal attack that led a Fairfield officer to shoot and kill a suspect.

Prosecutor Mike Gmoser says the attacker used three knives, stabbing the woman 53 times. He says the officer's actions were more than justified.

On the morning of June 22nd, Fairfield Police responded to a 911 call from a woman screaming for help.

When Officer Bryan Carnes arrived on Gelhot Drive, he knocked down the front door to the town home.

"He saw a hole in the wall where Michelle Henry's head actually went through a wall--both sides," said Gmoser.

He says Officer Carnes followed a trail of blood and screams to a bathroom.

"Officer Carnes kicked in the door at the very moment, at the very moment when Williamson was thrusting downward with an additional knife strike," said Gmoser.

The prosecutor says that's when Officer Carnes fired eight shots, six hitting Williamson who died at the scene. He says Officer Carnes' actions were more than justified.

"It was text book on how well they did their job. The credo or the motto of police officers is to protect and serve, and what they did was in the highest traditions of police conduct," Gmoser said.

Police say Henry came to them several times concerning incidents of domestic violence involving Williamson and that she once claimed he tried to poison her.

But, Michelle Henry never filed for a protection order.

Gmoser says she thought Williamson would change.

"To those people, I have to tell them, they are not going to change and the fastest and surest way to protect themselves is through the court system," he said.

A Butler County grand jury declined to return charges against Officer Carnes.

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