Public hearing to be held on new NKY I-275 interchange near Graves Road

Public hearing to be held on new NKY I-275 interchange near Graves Road (WKRC)

BOONE COUNTY, Ky. (WKRC) - New subdivisions and an expanding Amazon presence near the airport has planners pushing for a new I-275 interchange.

A public hearing is scheduled next week to discuss a new interchange just west of Kentucky 237 near Graves Road.

The plans hit some residents pretty close to home.

In Boone County, only 3/4 of a mile (“as the crow flies”) separates the diesel horsepower of semi-trucks coming and going from warehouses and the pure, actual horsepower of Frog Hollow Farm.

The country roads new and old can't handle the traffic, so a new I-275 interchange near Graves Road is planned.

It would also reconfigure Graves and Williams Roads. One option has Williams Road dissecting Frog Hollow Farm, the 51-acre horse farm Max and Patti Montoya have built over the last 20 years and call home.

“We love our horses. I compete and drive horses. Most important, our granddaughters love our farm. It would completely tear our farm in half,” said Montoya.

The pasture those horses are running to would be cut off by the new road. The Graves Road overpass would go away. It connects two sections of the farm Ginny Sue Graves-Spalding's family has lived on since 1798.

“Yes, we're not real happy about this. It interrupts our entire life and the way we manage farms,” said Graves-Spaulding.

She says her father and grandfather crushed the rock for the original gravel Graves Road.

Everyone agrees something has to be done about the traffic, but how it's done is the issue. A public hearing on the interchange is set for next week.

State Representative Addia Wuchner says all voices will be heard.

“I'm behind it, again, because it's needed, but I'm very sensitive to how that plan is going to look and how it will impact residents,” said Wuchner.

The Montoyas will be there to make sure planners know they are more than a line on a map.

“That's why I’ve put together a collage of pictures because I want people to know that this is a home. It's not just vacant land. This is who we are and something we'd like to pass on to our granddaughters,” said Montoya.

The meeting is next Thursday. It will be held from five to seven at the Boone County Enrichment Center on Camp Ernst Road.

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