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Realtors with conceal carry permits confront man inside vacant property

Realtors with conceal carry permits confront man inside vacant property (WKRC)
Realtors with conceal carry permits confront man inside vacant property (WKRC)
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HAMILTON, Ohio (WKRC) - Two realtors came face-to-face with a man who threatened to shoot them inside one of their properties.

The house on S. 11th St. in Hamilton is vacant but last month, Kyle Morrical and his father, Phil Morrical III, got a call that someone had broken in.

The next day, the Morricals went out to the property and found Derek Miller inside.

Miller was charged with assault, menacing and trespassing.

Kyle Morrical described the encounter, "He told us he had a gun and a knife. He was either going to shoot us or stab us and he punched me in my face," Kyle said.

Phil said, "When I thought he could be a threat to Kyle, yeah I got involved physically with him and I'll be 63 in May and I forgot all about that. It was about my son and making sure this thing did escalate to somebody being harmed or killed."

Kyle pulled his gun. He and his father have CCW permits. Fortunately, Kyle did not have to use his pistol.

"We held him down on the ground and a neighbor called the police to help us. He heard us screaming," Kyle said.

The Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors does not keep track of how many agents carry guns, but the president of the board says safety is always a priority and the organization keeps people updated.

Board president Michelle Billings said, "We encourage them to try to meet the person at their office. We encourage them to get the driver's license, as well, while they're in the office. If they're meeting a person they don't know at a property, it's important that they tell someone where they're going to be, how long they're going to be there, and who they're meeting."

The Morricals go to the range at least once a month to practice.

Kyle did not start out carrying his gun while working, but it's a personal choice he's made to be safe.

"I hoped I would never have to use it because it's one of those things that you hope you never have to use, but you have it just in case," Kyle said.

Realtors say if it's possible they'll go with another person to meet a potential buyer.

They're also trained to let the client enter a room first and keep a good distance between themselves and the potential buyer in rooms.

Phil Morrical says the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors is having a safety seminar June 6th. A time hasn't been set at this point.

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September is Realtor Safety Month and there will be safety and defense opportunities offered for those interested.

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