Recent Miami U. grads use NASA technology for innovative outerwear

A trio of Miami University students has launched a new line of performance gear inspired by NASA technology. (WKRC)

OXFORD, Ohio (Perry Schaible) - A trio of Miami University students is already making a difference just one year after graduation.

They've launched a new line of performance gear inspired by NASA technology.

Liquid nitrogen is -321 degrees Fahrenheit. That's two times colder than any temperature ever recorded on earth.

So, what better way to demonstrate cold weather gear than with liquid nitrogen.

In a video, one person is shooting liquid nitrogen on a coat insulated with brand new technology.

The temperature inside the coat is a balmy 89 degrees.

The guys behind this new product are three recent Miami University graduates Michael Markesbery, Rithvik Venna, and Max Squire.

They've created the first high-performance gear insulated with material developed by NASA sold under the name Oros.

The material is called aerogel. It's the lowest, thermal, conductive solid on the planet.

If you're not scientific, it just means per unit of thickness, it's the best insulation in the world.

Aerogel is used in space suits, the space shuttle and on the Mars Rover.

"People have tried to use Aerogel before, there has just been a lot of problems with it," Markesbery said. "It's very hard to work with, it's very brittle, it sheds this dust and you have to encapsulate the Aerogel to prevent the dust from getting out and the encapsulation takes away from the breathability. So, there were all these issues that we knew needed to be addressed."

On Monday, the three creators launched their second 'Kickstarter' campaign.

Money generated will be used to manufacture the aerogel and the garments.

So far, they have a jacket, beanie and gloves. Those items can be purchased through Kickstarter.

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