Redevelopment plans for Avondale Town Center include a grocery store

Redevelopment plans for Avondale Town Center include a grocery store (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (Jeff Hirsh) - Mayor John Cranley announces the next neighborhood to benefit from city-led development. On May 24, he announced plans to redevelop the Avondale Town Center site, which include a much-needed grocery store.

The shopping center was built in 1983 but it never quite caught on. Avondale has long been in need of a store that sells produce and fresh food. A Sav-A-Lot will help to end the so-called food desert there.

There are other developments planned, including a 118-unit apartment building. About half of the units will go to low-income residents.

The city will put two million dollars into the retail, office and housing development and Cranley hopes it will be quite a boost to the area. "This will have a grocery store, this will have housing, this will have beautiful architecture and this will make a statement just as we've invested, and I'm happy to have done so in Over-the-Rhine and downtown, this will make a statement that we're going to put money in the neighborhoods on this historic corner."

Avondale Community Councilmember Patricia Milton is on board. "It matters that Avondale residents have access to quality housing, healthcare, education, careers and social mobility. It matters that Avondale residents are not victims of the poverty industry. It also matters that Avondale residents who are homeowners and business owners can confidently invest in their properties and know that their investments will be returned because this is a desirable place to live."

There are also plans to put $3.2 million for Bond Hill and Roselawn in partnership with the Port Authority. Another $750,000 will be set aside for a project in North Avondale using property land banked for future development.

This isn't money from the city's general fund, it's capital funds. The money can not go to hiring more police or firefighters. This money comes from rent from the Cincinnati Southern Railway and the sale of the Blue Ash Airport.

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