Remembering Sam: Double lung transplant recipient's husband talks about loss

Sam Jameson, a local woman who received a double lung transplant, has passed away. Her husband, Ty, spoke to Local 12 about his loss. (WKRC)

MANCHESTER, Ohio (WKRC) - Heaven has a new angel tonight.

Sam Jameson, a local woman who received a double lung transplant, has passed away. Local 12 has been following her journey for almost three years.

It was tough for her husband Ty to talk about his tremendous loss. He wanted to speak out in honor of Sam.

Last June, Sam and Ty Jameson celebrated their first wedding anniversary. She was taking 180 pills a week but told us how she was still living life to the fullest.

Sam said, "Everyone is going to die. It's inevitable. So for us, it's more important to live rather than crunch numbers on how much time I have left."

On Thursday, Sam passed away. Her husband and mother wanted her to be remembered as living a life to inspire others. Too weak to speak, Sam's last words had to be written. Ty told us what she wrote:

"How do I know I've done enough for God? We both just smiled, and it's like out of everything you've done and the people you've inspired and the people you brought to faith and kept your faith through all of this, I'm pretty sure God is happy," he said.

They meet as a teenagers, but it took some time for their love to grow. Sam was dying when Ty proposed, and a double lung transplant in the 11th hour saved her life. But Sam had always been a fighter. She was born with cystic fibrosis. Even after her new lungs she struggled with cancer and pneumonia. We were with Sam on her wedding day as she cried happy tears. She told us this in the summer of 2016:

"No way you can thank someone for saving your life. God put him in my life for a reason because he knew he was the person who was going to help me get through this."

Now, Ty is leaning on Sam's spirit to get him through. Each picture he unpacks sparks a memory.

"This one looks fake, like it was cropped in. There were so many places that we wanted to live," he said.

Ty knows Sam is in a better place. He spent months by her side in the hospital and watched her get weaker and weaker with no cure. Ty said, “She was ready. This isn't her giving up. This is her going home. And all of us respect that.”

Sam's family is planning a celebration of life.

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