Remembering SuperBubz: Visitation held for 6-year-old who battled cancer

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FAIRFIELD, Ohio (WKRC) - His two-year fight against brain cancer inspired people across the Tri-State and on Thursday, many of them are paying tribute to a local 6-year-old.

Lines are forming outside Fairfield Central Elementary as people bid farewell to Walter “SuperBubz” Herbert.

Some of these people knew him. Some did not. His journey captured the hearts of people all over the tristate.

6-year-old Walter "SuperBubz" Herbert got to experience a lot in the final weeks of his young life and he touched a lot of hearts along the way.

While he loved superheroes, many say that it was he who was the true hero.

Last month, Walter’s Principal Karrie Gallo, came up with a plan to allow SuperBubz to go through twelve grades of school in two days, going to class with older students and even getting a parade fit for a hero.

That same day, “SuperBubz” attended a Bengals' practice and even helped them break a huddle.

Prior to that, the Reds Joey Votto hit a home run for SuperBubz. He also got a high five and a bat as he sat near the dugout.

There was a lot of love that followed little Walter on his final journey.

Karrie Gallo says he heaves behind a legacy that will last a lifetime.

The day Walter completed 12 grades of school, he was asked what stood out. He gave no answer but whispered something to his mother. She said that what stood out was being with all the girls. She says he even wore cologne. He had a way with people and he will be missed.

Thursday night's visitation ran until 8 p.m. A private funeral service will be held Friday.

School leaders say the family plans to open a foundation in Walter’s name.

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