Repeat drug dealer sentenced to 60 years in prison in Kenton County

    Michael Lewis sentenced to 60 years in prison for this third drug trafficking conviction (KCSO)<p>{/p}

    COVINGTON, Ky. (WKRC) - A jury sentenced a repeat drug dealer to 60 years in prison. Michael Lewis, 38, was found guilty of three counts of drug trafficking for selling heroin.

    Covington Police made four heroin deals with Lewis. Officers recorded the buys. Three of them took place in Lewis' Greenup Street kitchen. A fourth was made out of the window.

    In three of the videos, Lewis' face could be seen, as well as distinctive tattoos on his arms, back, chest and abdomen. In the fourth video, his face couldn't be seen. A jury found Lewis not guilty for that drug deal. The jury took less than 20 minutes to find him guilty of the other three.

    The Kentucky State Police Crime Lab tested the drugs sold by Lewis. They were found to contain both heron and fentanyl. Lewis had a surgical mask on in some of the videos, indicating he knew the drugs could be dangerous if inhaled.

    During Lewis' trial, Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders told the jury that Lewis had already been convicted and sentenced for previous drug trafficking arrests. He's served a combined 16 years.

    Sanders said the 60 year sentence was warranted given Lewis' "lifetime career of preying upon addicts for his own personal gain."

    Lewis won't be eligible for parole for 20 years.

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