Residents of local nursing home soothed by rescue cats

Residents of local nursing home soothed by rescue cats (WKRC)

SPRINGDALE, Ohio (WKRC) - Some seniors are getting some quality time with rescue cats thanks to Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR).

Volunteers with the no-kill shelter visit local nursing homes as part of their PALS program, Pet Adoption for Loving Seniors. Friday they stopped by Maple Knoll Retirement Village.

"These are individuals living in skilled nursing so they don't have access to pets on a daily basis, especially cats. We'll occasionally get dogs that come through, but this is the first time we've had cats visit our residence," said Megan Ulrich, Director of Corporate Communication at Maple Knoll Communities.

The residents are able to pet and cuddle with the rescue cats. The non-profit brings along mature cats who are calm and social. It's a moving experience for everyone.

"It brings tears to your eyes literally because these are people that love cats and have had them for many years and as the residents here have said, it just brings back so many memories and they enjoy just holding the cats and feeling that connection," said Sister Eileen Connelly, an OAR volunteer.

OAR has another visit planned for Tuesday, August 9, at Maple Knoll.

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