Rural snow headaches: Smaller counties struggle to keep up with snow, ice

Smaller counties struggle to keep up with snow, ice (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Snowfall on Friday and Monday was a headache for local commuters. In some rural counties, the roads are still a problem.

There are places that even the police and firefighters can't always go.

Everyone's pitching in to clear away the snow in Adams County. Pastor Jamin Boyer has his four children cleaning the church parking lot for a prayer meeting on Wednesday night. He delivers pizzas on the side and knows how tough driving can be this week.

“The main roads are pretty good. You get out on some of the back ones and they're pretty nasty,” said Boyer.

You can say that about anywhere, but in rural counties, it's worse because more people depend on the backroads. Adams County road crews are working overtime to stay on top of the situation, but it's a daunting task.

In rural counties, it's really hard to keep up. A lot of side roads are in icy conditions for days. The problem in Adams County is many of them lead to schools.

A late pizza is one thing and a snow day another, but a missed firetruck or ambulance could be a matter of life and death.

Adams County Deputy Sheriff Randy Walters took Local 12 cameras on a ride along to the worst of the county's worst on Wednesday.

Snow-packed and untreated, roads like Hawk Hill make law enforcement slow and difficult.

“You just do your best. There's a lot of times you walk into places and just do the best you can on foot. We have a lot of people that help us. Around here people help their own,” said Deputy Sheriff Randy Walters. “You just don't know. There's a good chance you won't make it to the call in your vehicle. The roads are that bad.”

No one blames the road crews. They know they're doing all they can. Adams County Schools were working hard to get ready for class on Thursday but there is not an update from them if they are going to call off or not yet.

Eastern Brown Local Schools will be closed Thursday. So will Lewis County Schools in Kentucky.

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