Saxophone player volunteers at retirement village in memory of mom

Saxophone player volunteers at retirement village in memory of mom (WKRC)

SPRINGDALE, Ohio (WKRC) – Many people often remember something that their mom did for them when they were children that makes them smile.

For Ed “Sax” Thomas, it was the saxophone lessons that he badly wanted as a child and his mother paid for.

Now, decades later, the retiree can captivate an audience with the sounds of his saxophone. He plays big gigs like being the opening act at the Cincinnati Music Festival, but this audience of senior citizens is close to his heart.

"I played once a month here on every third Wednesday of the month and just play for the residents whether it's right before lunch or dinner," said Thomas.

Thomas volunteers at Maple Knoll Village.

"The way he plays, it just goes to your soul. It's really just beautiful," said Virginia Swanton, who has lived at the village for at least 25 years.

Thomas started entertaining the residents at the retirement village while his mother, Mary, lived here. Thomas wanted to bring his Mom and her neighbors some happiness.

“I just enjoyed it personally and they got a thrill out of it as well and of course Mom loved to say, that's my baby and I paid for the lessons," Thomas said. “It's just pure joy you know when somebody's enjoying your music. That's the best.”

Thomas worked for Procter & Gamble for nearly 40 years before retiring and becoming a professional musician. His mother got to see Ed live his dream and the residents of Maple Knoll love to hear him play.

Lena Glardon just moved into Maple Knoll and enjoys the activities. This was the first time she heard him play.

"I think his music was great," said Lena.

Resident Mary Renneker enjoyed the music as well.

“Very good. I hope he comes back,” said Renneker.

Mary Thomas recently passed away, but Ed is still playing at the retirement village. It reminds him of his Mother and puts smiles on the faces of the people with whom she lived.

"Music always kind of lifts your spirit and so I hope to bring joy," said Ed.

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