Second Lady Karen Pence visits Cincinnati Children's Hospital

The Second Lady focused on art and music therapy during her visit at Cincinnati Children's Hospital (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Second Lady Karen Pence visited Cincinnati Children's Hospital, one month after a visit from First Lady Melania Trump.

Mrs. Pence wanted to see how Children's Hospital runs its art and music therapy program. It's an initiative taken on by the former art teacher when she became the second lady.

Mrs. Pence called it a misunderstood therapy. She said it's much more than arts and crafts. It's actually a big part of the healing process. And, it can be used by patients in all areas including oncology, psychological, and cardiology.

The therapists at Children's Hospital know that. So do the patients and their families. This is a therapy that impacts them all.

Katherine Donner has congenital heart disease. She's been in and out of the hospital since she was three months old. During those visits, the family, already musical, learned about music therapy.

Now five-years-old, Katherine and her mother, Donna, communicate through their guitars. "We just kind of stumbled across the music therapist and it changed everything. it changed our entire hospital stay. it changed her experience with healing and now here she is 5 years old and she likes to play guitar herself."

Mrs. Pence set out three goals: to elevate art and music therapy as a profession, to get word out that it exists, and to encourage more young people to go into the profession. "What I love about what you do here is that you're treating the whole family. You're going into their home if you need to. You're going into the ICU if you need to. And, all the stories we heard today were amazing."

She says its so important because it really does have a calming effect, help with pain management, and give patients some peace.

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