Deputies try to ID owners of stolen property

Sheriff's office trying to find owners of stolen items recovered in drug bust (WKRC)

GEORGETOWN, Ohio (WKRC) - Detectives recovered thousands of dollars in stolen property during a raid on a suspected drug dealer's property. Now, detectives with the Brown Co. Sheriff's Office are trying to identify the owners of the property.

"We're out in the country. You have to have a tractor," said Amy Rau, whose toy pedal tractor was recovered in the raid.

The pedal tractor holds flowers and a lot of memories. Rau didn't think she'd ever see it again when it vanished from her front porch in Russellville in April.

"That wagon was a birthday present for my daughter when she was two. She's 21 now," Rau said. "There's a lot of memories of her driving her little brothers around the porch and filling it with water."

At first, Rau thought that someone had stolen it as a senior prank. Then she filed a police report. Last month, Brown County's Drug and Major Crimes Task Force raided a property owned by Roger Mullikin. They found a shed full of stolen property. Mullikin faces drug charges and will be charged with receiving stolen property.

Detective Chad Noble said Mullikin was accepting the stolen goods as collateral for methamphetamine.

"It's extremely rewarding. That's why I do this job," Detective Noble said about returning the stolen items.

Det. Chad Noble said a train set and collectors comic books were also found on Mullikin's property last month. He said his department has been partnering with other agencies to return the stolen items.

"We deal so much with the meth heads, with the heroin addicts, with the heroin dealers. We see so much bad to be able to return it is incredible," Detective Noble said.

Now, Amy Rau has her tractor chained to her front porch where she hopes it will stay for years to come.

"Now I can I have it for my grandkids and grandkids to have fun with," Rau said.

Anyone who believes their property was stolen should contact the Brown Co. Sheriff's Office at 937.378.4435

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