Employee at Anderson Township McDonald's accused of trying to kill manager, ex-girlfriend

Employee at Anderson Township McDonald's accused of trying to kill manager, ex-girlfriend. (WKRC)

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) - It was not random but a targeted attack which led to two women being shot inside the Anderson Township McDonald’s.

The manager of the Beechmont Avenue McDonald’s is offering employees counseling because what went down Wednesday night was between co-workers.

Hamilton County Sheriff investigators say 20-year-old Zachary Allart shot two women. He worked with both of them and was romantically involved with one.

Allart is in jail charged with two counts of attempted murder. He had worked at that McDonald’s for two years and was dating his co-worker Jayla Frost.

The two broke up.

Then, on Wednesday night, investigators say he brought a gun to work at started shooting.

He allegedly shot Frost, who is his ex-girlfriend, in the face and head. He also allegedly shot Denise Higgins, the manager-on-duty at the time, once in the back.

There were some very scary moments for employees and customers who were at the 24-hour McDonald’s.

The violence has people in the community upset.

“We are told this is a safe town,” said Randi Holm-Bertelsen. “What are we going to do about it?"

The shooter, Zachary Allart, was still inside when deputies arrived. He had a gun to his head and was threatening to kill himself. Allart was taken into custody without issue.

He lives with his mother who Local 12 talked to her off-camera. She said this was a crime of passion and that her son isn't a violent person, but he lost control when his girlfriend broke up with him.

The two victims were in critical condition at last check.

Allart was taken to the Hamilton County Justice Center. He'll appear in court on Dec. 15.

The restaurant has since reopened, and counseling is available to the employees.

The owner of the McDonald's put out a statement saying:

Our hearts go out to all involved. We are cooperating with the investigating authorities.

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