Six charged in Butler County heroin ring

Six charged in connection to a major heroin ring (Sheriff's Office)

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (WKRC) - Six people are charged with running a heroin trafficking ring in Butler County involving more than 1,000 grams of heroin. Five of them are in custody. The sixth may be in Mexico.

Miguel Monroy-Cuadros, Annel Reyes-Valdes, Armando Gonzalez-Rosas, Felix Garcia-Rosas, Omar Santos and Armando Reyes are all charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute the heroin. Some of them also face drug possession, distribution and gun charges. Authorities say one of the men was caught in Dallas and may have been trying to get back to Mexico.

Valdes, Reyes, Gonzalez-Rosas and Santos were arraigned in Cincinnati federal court Wednesday.

According to US Attorney Benjamin Glassman, the ring had been operating from at least October of 2017. Agents say those charged were having large quantities of heroin brought in from Mexico, stored at a farm east of Oxford and then distributed throughout greater Cincinnati.

Federal agents raided a farm property on Ohio 73 east of Oxford. They say several kilos of heroin were transported here from Mexico, then distributed throughout Greater Cincinnati.

The complaint says the drugs and drug proceeds were stored at the farm. Reagan says there was a lot of undercover work.

DEA agents say they bought heroin from Gonzalez-Rosas in September. Because of that, a judge approved wire taps. They then learned the farm in Oxford, operating under the business name LLO Holdings and owned by Fairfield council member Chad Oberson, was being used to allegedly stash the drugs and money. During a raid Tuesday at that farm and a home in Fairfield, officers found several guns strategically placed for defense.

Among those arraigned on Thursday, only Reyes Valdes will be on home detention. She has a 5-month-old child.

The others will remain in federal detention. The DEA says the fact that this ring operated out of farm property expands their search for drug traffickers.

Reagan says he wouldn’t be a bit surprised that are similar drug operations operating on farm property.

Agents say the main player in this operation, Miguel Monroy-Cuadros, was detained after agents boarded a bus in Dallas. The bus was bound for Mexico.

Agents say they confiscated between $60,000-$100,000 in cash as well as nine weapons.

More arrests are expected.

The DEA does not consider Oberson to be under investigation.

Agents also found 300 grams of heroin and money transfer receipts. They say one of them was wiring drug proceeds to Mexico.

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