Socks and shoes for school: Nonprofit teams up with cops, store for Back-To-School drive

Nonprofit teams up with cops, store for Back-To-School drive (WKRC)

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) - The signs for back to school sales are starting to creep up in stores. Shoe Carnival is hoping to sell a lot, but also hoping to collect shoes and socks for children.

Alicia Lane is the general manager of Shoe Carnival in Colerain Township. She said, "Kids definitely have a need. We see kids in here everyday that are coming in with beat up shoes and their parents just don't have the money."

Shoe Carnival stores around the region are helping fill that need with a shoe and sock drive. Bins are in the stores. It's is a partnership, a team effort to make sure that when students get back to class, they start the year off right.

Meca Jett is with the non-profit, Living Proof. Her organization is one of the partners. "It's my passion just to be able to give back to anybody and also just to be able to see a smile on the children's faces. Without a smile on their face, I won't have a smile on mine. So just being able to make sure that no child goes back to school without any shoes or the necessities that they are in need of," Jett said.

Cincinnati Police Department is helping with the project. Bins are set up at CPD's districts for donations. CPD's youth cadets are part of the effort.. making it a competition to see who can bring in the most shoes and socks to help others.

17-year-old Cadet Briana Brazile said, "When you don't have the right shoes, you don't have the right confidence to do your school work and you think you're being looked at differently. So we want everybody to be equal and confidence is key in school."

Cadet Tyler Gallagher added, "They may get made fun of or be looked at differently than other students and we don't really like bullying and we don't want people to be looked at differently."

What we wear on our feet shouldn't define us, but for some children, a nice pair of shoes can make all the difference when they step into the classroom.

The shoe and sock drive is going on now through August 16th. Volunteers with Living Proof will distribute them to the schools.

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