Some families excited, some hesitant after Boy Scouts announce that girls can join

Some families excited, some hesitant after Boy Scouts announce that girls can join (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The Boy Scouts of America have been around for more than a century.

Over that time, leaders say they've learned that their values aren't just for boys, but girls too.

Not everyone's on board, particularly the Girl Scouts. The Girl Scouts organization has criticized the initiative, saying it strains the century old bond between the two groups and that they as an organization believe in the importance of the all-girl, girl-led environment.

However, on Wednesday night, one family is all in on the idea of scouting together.

The Dan Beard Council oversees scouting in 12 counties in Ohio and Kentucky with a membership of more than 30,000.

Mike Sloane is the scoutmaster of Troop 281 in Anderson Township. He likes the idea of girls joining.

"They would be unstoppable in this world. I think it's important for them to have those same types of skills and be able to be just as marketable,” said Sloane.

There's another reason Sloane likes the idea. Actually there’s three: His three daughters, Hannah, Hailey and Helena.

"I want to be a scout because I see my dad and brother go to all the weekend camp outs and all the jamborees and they look really fun,” said Hannah.

This past summer, the ladies joined dad and life-rank scout brother Hunter at the national jamboree.

They climbed rock walls, repelled and shot some targets.

"I think it feels good because it lets you get to do high advanced stuff,” said Helena.

Clearly the girls are ready to join. Big brother Hunter thinks it's cool too.

"I think it's important, I think it's going to help young girls of all ages learn the same skills we learn in our program. To help lead in life as well,” said Hunter.

But not everyone is excited. Since the news broke social media was a quick sounding board for opposition.

Comments like "that's why we have girl scouts" and posts like "leave it the way it is."

Dan Beard Council Scout Executive Tom Dugger says he embraces the change but knows not everyone will.

"I've talked to two mothers today. One wants to come down in the morning and sign her daughter up. I talked to another mother today who is very concerned about it. So i think we will see that. Like any change as we go forward with it we see it's very positive,” said Tom Dugger.

Right now nothing really changes. In the fall of 2018, that's when girls can join Cub Scouts.

And in 2019, the older girls will have the chance to join and have the chance to earn the coveted rank of Eagle Scout.

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