"Someone was badly beaten": Homicide investigates mother's death

Homicide investigates mother's death (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Two children are with relatives on Friday night after their mother was killed in the family home.

Their father has been charged in Erin Marshall's murder.

Questions remain, but the tight-knit neighborhood has figured out some things already.

The flashing lights, rescue squad and cop cars told neighbors something was terribly wrong on Sedam Street on Thursday night.

They hadn't heard a fight or screams before Erin Marshall was carried out of her home. She died later at the hospital. Residents found out more from police canvassing the neighborhood.

"He said somebody was badly beaten, that was the first we knew what really went on,” said Kathy Cushing, a neighbor.

Some neighbors heard Adrian Harris talking to police Thursday night, but to them he didn't make sense.

According to Erin’s Facebook page he is the father of their kids. One is 6-years-old and the other is 10-years-old.

"Husband taken away… he was incoherent… no one could understand what he was saying,” said Kathy.

Late Friday, he was charged with murder. What allegedly happened behind closed doors was a surprise to Kathy, who saw them every day.

"They passed here every day… walked with kids… always together… never separated… never got loud or rowdy,” said Kathy.

Kathy is cancelling Friday night's neighborhood craft class. Erin's children were to be here.

The kids were painting bird houses, stepping stones and “Day of the Dead” skulls. Part of a Mexican celebration that honors the dead.

Erin's family didn't want to talk about her.

At the Bridgetown Salon where Erin worked, coworkers remembered her as a loyal friend and a loving mom.

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