SPCA Cincinnati picking up pets abandoned ahead of Hurricane Irma

SPCA Cincinnati picking up pets abandoned ahead of Hurricane Irma (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Some four-legged Florida evacuees are heading for Cincinnati.

Dogs at Cincinnati's SPCA shelter are about to get some new neighbors.

“Well we're heading up to Columbus to pick up some dogs from Fort Lauderdale,” said SPCA’s Director Harold Dates.

SPCA vans with cages will bring 30 to 40 dogs back from Columbus, those dogs flown out of Florida in a canine airlift.

Some of the dogs coming from Florida were already in shelters down there. but some of the others were simply brought to shelters by their owners, left in the parking lot, and the owners took off.

“Well you've got everybody evacuating and heading north, and instead of people, what is it, ‘PPP’, prior planning pays, with respect to their pets, and everything else they’ve not done, there abandoning pets at various shelter locations,” said Harold.

This is not the first time the Cincinnati SPCA has taken in hurricane evacuees. Last year, 17 dogs were brought in, refugees from Hurricane Matthew in South Carolina. Those dogs were given veterinary check-ups and put up for adoption, just like Cincinnati dogs

The same thing will happen with the Florida dogs.

The Florida dogs should be back in Cincinnati later Friday evening and go up for adoption next week.

There may be more coming as well. The hope is to send Friday's plane back for more abandoned pets.

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