St. X warns parents and fans of excessive tailgating during athletic events

School warns parents and fans of excessive drinking before athletic events (Eric Gerhardt, WKRC)

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) - St. Xavier High School has a growing alcohol problem in its parking lot. But it's not students at St. X that are causing the problem, it's apparently parents and alumni.

In a letter to the St. X community this week, President Tim Howe outlined the problem of drinking before and during athletic events.

Howe stated that inebriated parents and alumni have displayed aggressive behavior and insulted staff members.

To try to discourage this behavior Howe said they stopped allowing people to leave and re-enter. The school found people would buy multiple tickets so they could get back in the game, which officials say isn't fair to other fans trying to go to sold-out games.

Aside from the fact alcohol is not allowed on the property of OHSAA member schools, Howe reminds people of the negative message the behavior sends to students.

Springfield Township police could soon be asked to patrol St. X games and ticket offenders. St. X said it could end tailgating altogether if the problem persists.

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