Students at two SE Indiana school districts went back to school

Lawrenceburg Schools returned to school on Aug. 2 (WKRC)

LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. (WKRC) - Two Indiana school districts are getting a jump on everyone else with the first bell ringing on August 2.

Most districts in the Tri-State don't go back to school for another couple of weeks. The bell rang Wednesday morning at Lawrenceburg Community Schools. The district operates on what's known as a balanced schedule. That means students and teachers get a full two months of summer vacation, with intermittent two-week breaks scattered

That means two thousand students, 125 teachers and about 250 staff members returned to school. Parents dropped their children off and buses brought others to their schools.

New this year in the district is something known as Power School which is an online database containing important information that is easy to access for students, teachers, and parents.

Also, each student will be equipped with Google Chromebooks as the schools remain in the top tier of technology.

South Dearborn Community Schools are also back in session. In that district 2,500 students and 150 teachers returned to school.

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