Students make glass tiles for Kids Art Show

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OAKLEY, Ohio (Megan Moore) - Fifteen schools throughout Cincinnati have been working on glass tiles at the Brazee Street Studios for the annual Kids Art Show.

Each student creates a tile that represents their home. Then each class collaborates on a city landmark, including the New Montessori School in North Avondale. "It's sort of like a puzzle, like you put them in different places and then you keep adding on."

The students wrote out descriptions of what is home. "My home is very small but it feels like a mansion, my home is my happy place."

"They are working on poetry right now, so to prepare them for the glass project they wrote poems about their home and what homes mean to them," said Kira Hinkle with the New School Montessori.

All those warm feelings poured out on glass tiles are then fired in a kiln at Brazee Street Studios. This is also where they will be on display for the annual kids art show. "I'm really excited to have my piece in an art gallery."

Each tile will be a piece of the bigger picture of our city. Once they're all on display, it will look like a 3d map of the Queen City. "We decided to focus on what makes Cincinnati special and what kind of brings us all together."

Each class also had to collaborate on a landmark. Anything from prominent ones like the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, the city skyline or whatever they consider to be a staple in their community.

Altogether, it will be a reflection of Cincinnati through the eyes of hundreds of students from all over the city.

That show is June 10 through August 7.

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