Survey shows Cincinnati parents worry about kids' mental health

Survey shows Cincinnati parents worry about kids' mental health (WKRC)

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) - Parenting can be a tough job and the thing worrying most Cincinnati moms and dads is kids' mental health.

Now, a parenting center is helping parents with the challenges of raising children.

Most parents want to make sure they're "getting it right". Greg Sulfridge is a single dad. He keeps the lines of communication open with his 8-year-old.

"I've been writing little notes in her lunch box, let her know how proud I am and how grateful I am to be her dad," said Sulfridge.

"He said that he's proud to be my dad and that was really sweet so... that's just really sweet," said Greg's daughter Abby.

Beech Acres did a survey of more than 600 Cincinnati parents. The thing they most worry about is apparently kids' mental health.

"They really want to know in today's environment how to keep their kids safe and how to help them be mentally healthy as well as well as physically healthy," said Jim Mason of the Beech Acres Parenting Center.

81 percent of moms and dads say parenting is rewarding. 58 percent say it's extremely challenging. Beech Acres says parents know kids face a high level of stress.

"Drugs, bullying are kind of high on the list of what they named and other kind of things, discipline," said Mason.

There are also younger children committing suicide, like Gabriel Taye. The 8-year-old killed himself after alleged bullying incidents at his school.

In the last decade, more than 70 children aged 18 and under committed suicide in Hamilton County.

"The kinds of things that adults never knew about in their lives two generations ago, children are now facing and needing to make decisions about early on," said Mason.

And Beech Acres says by finding out what parents need, it can help build strong families.

The survey showed most parents are interested in learning how to do a better job and looking for resources.

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