Suspect in crash that killed 5 in Kenton County appears in court

Driver charged with murder for allegedly causing the crash that killed a family of five in Kenton County appeared in court (Joe Webb, WKRC)

KENTON COUNTY, Ky. (WKRC) - The driver accused of causing the crash that killed a family of five made his court appearance in a gurney on Nov. 8. Daniel Greis faces five counts of murder for the fatal crash on Oct. 26 in Kenton County.

Police say their preliminary investigation determined Daniel Greis was driving westbound on Staffordsburg Road when he went left of center, hitting a car driven by Rodney Pollitt, Jr., 26. Pollitt and his four passengers were all pronounced dead at the scene. Samantha Malohn, 27, Halieann Pollitt, 9, Brenden Pollitt, 8, and Cailie Pollitt, 6, were killed.

Commonwealth attorney Rob Sanders said Greis was legally intoxicated at the time of the crash and admitted to consuming marijuana. In court, officers said Greis was going 96 miles per hour.

Sgt. Chris Haddle described Greis as under the influence and on the wrong side of the road at the time of the crash. Sgt. Haddle retrieved the black box from Greis’s SUV. He testified that it showed the gas pedal pushed all the way down at the time of impact.

“How fast was Mr. Greis traveling when he crashed? 96 miles per hour,” said Sgt. Haddle.

96 miles per hour and accelerating on the wrong side of the road and passing a car in a no passing zone.

Dead at the scene were Rodney Pollitt, Samantha Malohn and their three children HaileAnn, Brenden and Cailie.

“I just don't want the kids' memory to dissipate in the details. They were wonderful parents. The children were so young. And no. they didn't deserve any of this. They were just out shopping and headed home. There was no reason for it,” said Tina Morgan, who is Malohn's mother the children's grandmother.

Greis is held on a $1 million cash bond. His attorney argued for a lower bond, saying this was an accident, he has no prior record and is not a flight risk.

Judge Ken Easterling didn't budge and bristled at the deaths being called an “accident.” The prosecutor agreed.

“Accidents can't be avoided. This was something that could've been avoided. Should've been avoided. Never should've happened. The Pollitt family should still be with us,” said Judge Easterling.

Daniel Greis is obviously still recovering from his injuries. He is currently being held under guard at a local hospital.

He will be transferred to the state prison hospital at La Grange as soon as a bed is available.

Greis's case now goes to the grand jury. They expect it will be heard before the end of the year.

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