Suspect's daughter testifies in trial for Hamilton firefighter's death

Parker's daughter testifies in her father's murder and arson trial (WKRC)

HAMILTON, Ohio (WKRC) - The daughter of Lester Parker testified his murder and arson trial for the death of Hamilton firefighter Patrick Wolterman. Parker's nephew Billy Tucker is also on trial.

Wolterman died searching Parker's Pater Avenue burning home in case he or his wife were inside. He died when he fell through the floor. Neither Parker was there. They had taken a trip to Las Vegas.

The prosecution has said Parker paid Tucker to burn down the home for the insurance money. Tucker would get pills. Tucker's attorney said her client has an alibi. Parker's attorney said his client had nothing to do with the fire.

Cheryl Sullivan said she and her husband took Parker and his wife to the airport for their trip to Las Vegas. Sullivan told the jury that her father gave her family paperwork and bills. She says Parker told her to hold onto them. Normally, she said Parker kept them in the home.

Sullivan was also inside the home before the fire. She said some things had been moved. She also said she found pictures from the house inside a duffle bag. She said Parker told her they had been in the garage.

Before Sullivan took the stand, criminologist Molly Jordan with the Ohio Fire Marshal's Office said some evidence collected from the fire scene tested positive for gasoline.

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