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Suspicious delivery prompts concerns, warnings from police

Suspicious delivery prompts concerns, warnings from police ( to WKRC)
Suspicious delivery prompts concerns, warnings from police ( to WKRC)
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ROSELAWN, Ohio (WKRC) - A group of people showed up to a woman's home with a DoorDash delivery. The problem is, she never ordered food.

Police have concerns because several of the people were caught on camera hiding in bushes, and officers say nothing about their behavior suggests a prank.

“Then she's coming to the door, and I’m just looking at her. I don't know who she is, and I know I didn't order anything,” the homeowner explained.

A woman claiming she has a DoorDash delivery can be seen on camera ringing the bell. The homeowner didn't open the door for several reasons: She didn't order anything and the woman didn't come alone.

“That's when I saw two guys on the lefthand side coming up to my yard. One of the guys looked like they had something in their hand, and then I saw the other two on the righthand side. So, I’m watching the whole thing and then this lady comes and she rings the ring doorbell,” the homeowner said.

It happened Friday night in Roselawn. We're not identifying the homeowner because she has concerns after the incident, especially with some of the conversation that took place between the people who came to her door before the woman rang the bell.

“I could hear someone say, ‘Hide! Hide,’ and then I could hear the other person say, ‘Wait, I’m supposed to cover you,’ At that time, they switched positions,” the homeowner explained.

The homeowner said she called 911 regarding the people at her door, but dispatch told her to call back if they returned.

Local 12 took the video to Cincinnati Police for their take on it. Two supervisors reviewed the video.

“That's concerning, and from what I can tell from the video, it was very obvious where some type of lying-in-wait situation where someone was maybe trying to take advantage of the person, the homeowner or resident in this situation,” Lt. Stephen Saunders said.

The homeowner used an app to share the video with neighbors, and someone else said the same thing happened to them.

The homeowner explained, “Said somebody came to his door at 10 o'clock in the morning saying DoorDash. However, they did not have a DoorDash bag either.”

Police want to talk to the people in the video to find out whether or not if they were doing something legitimate.

Local 12 reached out to DoorDash to see whether there was a legitimate order in the area that night. Local 12 also wanted to know whether drivers are required to have something that clearly identifies them. We have not received a response yet.

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