Sycamore High School students plan walkout in support of Florida school shooting victims

Sycamore High School students plan walkout in support of Florida school shooting victims (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Students all over the country plan a "walkout" in support of students in Parkland, Florida, but some schools won't allow a walkout.

Others, such as Sycamore High School, have found a way to work with the students who want to take part.

For the students behind Wednesday's walkout, the signs are their messages.

"What we really want to communicate with these signs is, as students, we're tired of feeling afraid. We want to feel safe here,” said Sycamore High School student Makayla Stover.

"Especially with this shooting, they are people we can relate to. That could have been us. It struck a chord that this is our generation's problem,” said Sycamore High School student Kaitlyn Jiang.

The teens say they are inspired by the courage of Parkland survivors.

"We see ourselves in the victims and to take that and organize this… it's the least we can do,” said Sycamore High School student Yvanna Reyes.

"We want to tell them we stand in solidarity with their mission to make sure it never happens again, through solid action, not just thoughts and prayers,” said Sycamore High School student Rishi Dasgupta. "We, the young people, are advocating for change. We want something done now.”

Students approached administrators a week after Parkland to plan the walkout together.

"We didn't want to draw a line in the sand. They are passionate. They wanted to express themselves and have their voices heard. We wanted to be supportive and safe,” said

No one is sure how many students will walk out for the event that includes remembering each person killed in Parkland.

If a line on Tuesday is an indicator, there will be a crowd. It was a line to buy a T-Shirt that says “#Enough”.

Sycamore High School will be on lockdown Wednesday during the walk out. That means no one can go in or out and there will be extra security.

The middle school will not walk out. Instead, students there will focus on doing 17 acts of kindness throughout the day in memory of the Parkland victims.

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