Talented students show off skills at Tech Olympics

CINCINNATI (Mike Berk) -- Some of the brightest young minds in the Tri-State got together for an event called the "Tech Olympics." While they didn't win any gold medals the team could one day "strike gold" on the job market as a result of the event.At the Tech Olympics the kids may not get their likeness on cereal box. But they could one day be the brains behind the operation of the publicly traded company, which manufactures the cereal that goes in the box.Kip Fanta, Assoc. Director at Procter & Gamble, said, "The future is bright particularly when you can begin to understand how to tap into new talent, new thinking." And that's the thinking that brought Inter-Alliance to Cincinnati. It's why P&G, Kroger and so many other local business and national corporations wanted a front row seat last month.Tim Prince, Vice President of Kroger, said, "Instead of having to go around the country to find the best talent, it's right here." Call it the technology's version of the scouting combine, with talented kids like Loveland High School's Emily Rasmussen. She served as a student-mentor last summer, running I.T. Camps on the UC campus. Emily hasn't picked a college destination, but she's likely to have her pick of jobs after she graduates. "There's about 3,000 unfilled I.T. jobs in Cincinnati right now, and by the time I graduate college it'll be about 8,000," said Emily. So if you can program the robot to do exactly what it should, your future looks bright. In one room they were trying to crack the code in the hacker's event. People will experience the thrill of victory at the Tech Olympics if they can think like a "hacker" and if they can keep hackers from infecting a corporation. Winners end up with a lot more than a medal.Alliance student mentor Matt Busch said, "We can create websites that prevent hacking. So if you can know how to do sequel injections, you'll know how to stop sequel injections from happening." And if people can understand that, they should really be a part of the Cincinnati Inter-Alliance.

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