Thief grabs tips and Bengals helmet from NYPD Pizza

Thief grabs tips and Bengals helmet from NYPD Pizza (Courtesy NYPD Pizza)

CHEVIOT, Ohio (WKRC) - A man grabs a tip jar from the counter of a local pizza place, but the owner says he took so much more.

The tips were in a fishbowl with a Bengals helmet at NYPD Pizza in Cheviot.

An employee's grandmother brought the helmet in to increase tips, so it had sentimental value.

The owner says he just wants the helmet back and the thief can keep the cash.

"On Saturday night a young man came into our store and stood for a few minutes then grabbed out fishbowl with a Bengals helmet off the counter and ran out the front door. I doubt there was more then $7 in the tip jar. Our tip jar started out with just a fishbowl but a very special employee of mine’s grandma brought the football helmet in to increase our tips. It worked. Sadly this employee has moved on in good terms but the helmet had sentimental value. I don’t care about the cash and I don’t want to see the kid locked up or anything. Just a simple sorry, give me my helmet back and he can even keep the cash," said Kevin Leidecker, owner of NYPD Pizza Inc.

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