Thomas More College's president hand delivers acceptance letters to students

Thomas More College's president hand delivers acceptance letters to students (WKRC) 

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Many high school seniors anxiously await a college acceptance letter, but not everyone accepted to Thomas More College had to wait for the mail.

The college's president delivered the news in person to students.

You probably know that something's up when a college bus pulls up outside your high school and the president and mascot make their way inside.

And then you get called into the counselor's office.

“You think you're in trouble? Well you're not. I'm Dave Armstrong the president of Thomas More College and in my hands I have your acceptance letters to Thomas More,” said Dave Armstrong.

McCauley High School seniors Emily, Ilyana and Jordan were among the students at five local high schools to get a hand delivered acceptance from Thomas More's president.

“Is there a Rachel Hardtke here? Rachel, come on up, you've been accepted to Thomas More College,” said Armstrong.

“We clear out the day. It's a special day. I love doing this. It charges me up and it's just so great to see these young people so excited,” said Armstrong.

“That's awesome. It's so personal. That just makes it all the more better that they actually care and would come all the way down here to do that for me,” said Rachel Hardtke.

And Rachel's not even sure Thomas More is her pick. She's also waiting to hear from UC, Miami and Ohio State.

President Armstrong hand delivered seven acceptance letters on Thursday. It's the third year he's done it. Most of the students who get the special delivery choose Thomas More.

If they accept, they will become part of an expected class of 425 or so on campus. Mccauley Senior Jordan Zulli is a definite yes.

“That's crazy. I've been super stressed about college so now it's just like I know like the future that I'm going there. It's great. It's a good feeling,” said Jordan.

And they can show up for college already knowing the president and the mascot.

Armstrong delivered acceptance letters to students at Elder, Seton, Colerain, McCauley and Taylor on Thursday.

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